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We treat all people with dignity and respect, knowing that problems affect people from all walks of life. You can be assured that calls are confidential to protect your privacy.

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We serve clients in all of Nebraska through telehealth.

A Safe and Judgment-Free Space

At Waves Counseling, we encourage our clients to be genuine and freely share their troubles. We know that mental health goes well beyond ​behavioral changes. Let us help you navigate the storms of life and heal both mind and emotions from the hurt that life can bring.

Our Mission 

Waves Counseling acknowledges the difficulties that life can bring.  Our sole purpose is to help you or your loved one get on the road to better mental and emotional health through addiction and professional counseling.

Meet the Founder – Biography

Theresa Long has over 20 years of experience in the medical industry as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. She is now also provisionally licensed in the State of Nebraska as a Mental Health Provider and as an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor. Theresa founded Waves Counseling because she wanted to enhance other people’s well-being by addressing their mental health issues and in doing so, give back to the community who helped her mother and father with their own mental, emotional, and addiction problems.


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